You have made the choice that is best for you. The Pill, Injectable and Norplant Implants are very safe and effective methods for preventing unplanned pregnancy.

When can you start?
You can start any of these methods anytime you are sure you are not pregnant.

The pill
The Pill is very effective when taken at the same time everyday.

What to do if you forget to take a pill.
If you miss one [white] pill;
Take   it as soon as you remember.
Take the next pill at the regular time.

Note: This may mean that you take two pills on the same day or even at the same time.

Continue to take the rest of the pills as usual, one each day.

If you miss two or more [white] pills;.
Take one pill as soon as you remember.
Continue to take one pill everyday.

Note: You must also use condoms and foaming tablets for the next seven days, or avoid sex.

If you miss one or more of the [brown] pills.
Throw the missed pill [s] away.
Take the rest of the brown pills, one each day till they are finished.
Start a new packet and take the pill as usual.

If you are breastfeeding, ask your health care provider for the pill that is best for you.

The Injectable.
There are 3 types of injectable.

Depo [Famplan] received once every 3 months,.
Noristerat received every 2 months and Norigynon received every month.

Return for the next injection on the specified date. If you cannot return on the exact due date, you are still protected for up to;
2 weeks if you use Depo  [Famplan]
1 week If you use Noristerat.
3 days if you use Norigynon.

Note: Come back for your next injection even if you are late. in the meantime, use condoms and foaming tablets.

Norplant Implants.
It consists of six small capsules, which are surgically inserted under the skin of a woman’s upper arm by a trained health provider. It is effective for up to 5 years.
The capsules can be removed by a trained health provider at anytime before 5 years if you decided that you want to get pregnant. The capsules should be removed or to replaced after 5 years. 

Managing minor side effects
The most common side effects that arise from use of the Pill, Injectable or Norplant Implants are irregular bleeding, weight gain, headaches, breast tenderness, mood swings and nausea. Not all users experience these side effects.
If you experience any of these side effects, it is important to know that they are temporary. They only last for the few months of use. The benefits of avoiding unwanted pregnancy far out weight the temporary discomfort.

If you have any concerns, talk to your health provider.

Foaming Tablet.
It is a tablet that is put in the vagina at least 10 minutes before sex to prevent pregnancy. The Foaming Tablet kills or makes sperm unable to move toward the egg.

The Male Condom
The male condom is a close fitting rubber sheath a man wears on his erect penis before sexual intercourse. It protects against pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases including HIV/AIDS.

Female Condom
The Female Condom is a sheath of thin, transparent and soft plastic that is designed to fit into a woman’s vagina and covers the entrance of the vagina. It is placed in the vagina before sexual intercourse. It protects against pregnancy and Sexually   Transmitted   Diseases including HIV/AIDS.

Intrauterine  Device - IUD
And IUD is a small flexible devise that is placed in the woman’s womb through a vagina to prevent pregnancy. It prevents pregnancy for up to 10 years but can be taken out sooner by a trained health provider if the woman desires to become pregnant.

Vasectomy  (Male Sterilisation)
Vasectomy is a permanent method for men who want to stop having children. It involves a short and simple procedure during which the tubes that carry the sperm from a man’s testicles [balls] to the penis are blocked. After a vasectomy, a man can have sex just as before but he cannot make a woman pregnant.

Female Sterilisation
This is a permanent procedure for women, also called tubal ligation that blocks the tubes that carry eggs from the egg bag to the womb. Blocking the tubes prevents the sperm and the egg from uniting. After the procedure is performed, women regularly menstruate but cannot become pregnant anymore